Seminar Title

Homicide Investigations, Tactics and Procedures

Dates of Events

01/17/2024 through 01/19/2024

Last Updated: 08/22/2023
Instructor(s): Robert G. Lowery, Jr.
Location: Saint Albans Police Department - 613 MacCorkle Avenue, Saint Albans, WV 25177
Hotel: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charleston NW- Cross Lanes - 410 New Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes, WV 25313
Course Registration Fee: $325
Instructor Bio
Robert G. Lowery, Jr.
Robert Lowery was the 5th police official to be appointed as Commander of the elite 35-year Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, a multi-jurisdictional violent crime task force concerned with the high profile murder investigations in Missouri and Illinois. Serving 2.5 million citizens across 12 counties. Formed partnerships with Federal Law Enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United State Marshal Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Secret Service and Internal Revenue to maximize resources available for in-progress homicide cases. Robert created the Technical Operations Group, a specially trained team designed to provide electronic support in tracking and locating suspects. Robert created the Family Liaison Program which provided specially trained investigators to work with families of victims of homicide cases, investigated violent crimes with 500 Law Enforcement Investigators from over 100 local, county, state, federal agencies and managed high-level murder cases in collaboration with numerous officers and agencies.
Robert is a member of the International Homicide Investigators Association, Quantico, Virginia, United State Department of Justice, Federal Agency Task Force on Missing and Exploited Children, Washington DC, International Coroners and Medical Examiners Association and Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Academy Association.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:

Homicide Investigation
Tactics, Procedures, Optimizing Opportunities
and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Course Objectives:
This two and a half day course is designed for detectives, homicide and crimes against persons investigations. The instructor will provide a step by step process for handling homicide investigations from the initial call, properly approaching and managing the crime scene, physical and trace evidence issues, laboratory capabilities, identification and interview of witnesses, multiple suspect development and elimination techniques, interacting with the coroner/medical examiner and prosecutors/district attorney.
Participations will be provided with an overview on homicide types and motivations, suicides, recognizing equivocal or staged death scenes, no body prosecutions and investigating cases of unidentified human remains.
There will be an in-depth segment on proper documentation and report writing and preparation for court presentation.
Additionally, discussions on applying the latest advancements and technologies to assist in conducting thorough and expedient resolutions of investigations, including data management/analytics, advanced cell phone analytics and the complex role of social media.
Upon Completion:
• Managing the Crime Scene - Basic Principles
• The Role of the Coroner/Medical Examiner
• The Role of the Prosecuting/District Attorney
• Initiating the Investigation
• Documentation and Report Writing
• Suspects
• Role of Technology
• Conducting the Interrogation
• Preparing for Court
• Unsolved Cases

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