Seminar Title

Cell Phone Evidence: From Seizure to Court Room

Dates of Events

10/17/2023 through 10/19/2023

Last Updated: 09/25/2023
Instructor(s): Glenn Bard
Location: Cape Coral Police Department - 1100 Cultural Park Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33990
Course Registration Fee: $325
Instructor Bio
Glenn Bard
Glenn Bard is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper First Class and a U.S. Veteran of Operation Desert Storm. In 1999 Glenn began Computer Crime Investigations for the state police and has since investigated crimes across the United States ranging from Child Pornography to Criminal Homicide. Glenn has also conducted forensic examinations for city, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies including the FBI, US Postal Inspectors, and I.C.E. as well as foreign governments.
Glenn has been certified as an expert in numerous states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the United States Federal Court System in the areas of Digital Forensics, Cellular Technology and Computer Technology.
Glenn has been a speaker for organizations of all sizes and types, both public and private, to include the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, World Security Congress, and hundreds of law enforcement agencies, law firms and universities.
Several of the cases Glenn has worked have received National coverage, to include Fox News, Dateline, the Associated Press, Yahoo!, the New York Times, and many more.
Glenn has received numerous awards during his military and police career, including Honorable Discharges from both the United States Army and the Pennsylvania State Police.
Glenn developed, created and implemented certifications for two forensic software companies used by agencies around the world.
Glenn is the Chief Technical officer for PATCtech, overseeing all Digital Forensic and Data Services. Glenn has acted as technical consultant and/or personally developed Computer Forensic Programs at multiple Colleges, to include Westmoreland County Community College where he was a faculty instructor prior to retiring.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:

Cell Phone Evidence:
From Seizure to Courtroom
New Detectives, Criminal Investigators and Road Patrol Officers

Course Objectives:

In this class the attendee will be instructed on the many different ways Cell Phones can be used in investigations. While many police officers have been using cell phones, many don’t know all of the ways that cell phones can help solve their crimes. This course will cover all of those ways, explain how to get the evidence, preserve is, and prepare it for trial. Specifically, this course will cover the following:
The Three Types of Cellular Evidence
The Device
The Records
The Clouds
Preserving all of the Different Types of Cellular Evidence
Identifying the Appropriate Involved Variables
Types of Phones
Cellular Providers
Cloud Storage
Forensic Examinations of Cellular Devices
Different Forensic Software Gives Different Results
What Type of Data to Expect
Proving Ownership Through the Data
Forensic Examinations of the Records
How the Networks Differ
How to Read the Data
What Providers Can Supply:
When You Have a Suspect
When You Don’t Have a Suspect
Mapping of Locations – Different Location Based Results
Proving Ownership Through the Records, Despite Being Pre-Paid
Identifying Void, Voicemails, Call Forwarding and More
Forensic Examinations of the Clouds
Which Clouds are Available
What Providers Can Supply:
When You Have a Suspect
When You Don’t Have a Suspect
Comparing the Three Types of Cellular Evidence
Forensic Exam of the Phone, Records and Cloud Data
What is Missing on the Device that is Still in the Records
What Data is in the Clouds that is not on the Device
Writing the Forensic Report
Preparing the Data for Trial
The Best Ways to Display the Data to the Judge and Jury
Testifying About Cellular Data

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