Seminar Title

National Internal Affairs Training and Certification

Dates of Events

12/04/2023 through 12/08/2023

Last Updated: 09/29/2023
Instructor(s): Lou Reiter, John Jack Ryan, Jim Voge, Jerry Rodriguez, Laura Scarry, Joanna Schwartz
Location: Palace Station Hotel & Casino - 2411 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Course Registration Fee: $550
Instructor Bio
Lou Reiter
Lou Reiter currently is a police consultant. He offers three (3) separate professional services to the law enforcement community. He provides training to police groups in the high liability areas of use of force, emergency vehicle operations, high risk operations, investigations of citizen complaints, Internal Affairs procedures, investigation of critical incidents, and liability management. He will normally conduct 15-20 of these programs ranging from 2 hours to 5 days in length. The primary seminars are a 2-1/2 day program on Internal Affairs and Police Discipline and a 5 day program on investigation of police use of force incidents.
Each year, Lou also conducts an average of 5-10 agency management audits and liability assessments. These have been for state, county and municipal police operations. The size of these agencies has been from 3 persons to 39,000 employees. These audits allow him to be in police cars up to 100 hours each year. He has been a consultant on 8 U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Special Litigation Section, investigations of agencies involving patterns and practices of Constitutional violations. He was selected as a Federal Court monitor for the Consent Decree of Colln v. Ventura County Sheriff's Department, CA.
Lou provides litigation consultation to attorney firms involved in police civil actions. Since 1983, Lou has been retained in over 1100 such cases in nearly every state plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. This has been on both sides of the table with approximately 60 percent being for plaintiffs.
Lou Reiter was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department from 1961 to 1981. During that tenure he had 22 different assignments and rose through to ranks to retire as Deputy Chief of Police. About 70 percent of his time was spent in uniformed operations while the bulk of the remainder was in Internal Affairs, use of force review, training and personnel administration.
Lou has been published throughout his professional career. He was one of the principle researchers and authors of the 1973 Police Task Force Reportof the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Standards and Goals, where he authored the chapters on Internal Discipline, Training and Management-Employee Relations. Reiter has recently authored the 3rd Edition Law Enforcement Administrative Investigations guide: A Manual for Citizen Complaints, Administrative Investigations and Internal Affairs which will be provided to seminar participants.

John Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan is an attorney in Rhode Island, a graduate Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude Suffolk University Law School and has 20 years of law enforcement experience as a police officer with the Providence Police Department, Providence, RI.
Jack’s law degree and experience as a police officer gives him the unique perspective of public safety legal and liability issues. Jack is a former adjunct faculty member at Salve Regina University and lectures frequently throughout the United States. He has authored several legal publications, including the LLRMI Best Selling “Legal Guide for Law Enforcement Officers and Supervisors” – an annually updated quick reference guide to U.S. Supreme Court case law impacting law enforcement policies and procedures. Jack has authored "Law Enforcement Best Practices" 6th Edition, "Jail and Best Practices", and "Emerging Legal Trends for SWAT, Tactical and Emergency Response Operations" Jack has written policies and procedures that have been adopted by over 1,000 law enforcement and corrections agencies across the United States.

Jim Voge
Undersheriff San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office
Jim Voge is currently the Undersheriff for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. He has 46 years of police experience with 28 years at the upper management level. Jim retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after 33 years during which he had a variety of assignments including Commanding Officer of the Internal Affairs Group, Force Investigation Division, and Special Operations Division.  He has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (181).

Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez spent 26 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, retiring in 2013 at the rank of Captain. His leadership assignments included assignments such as Patrol Commanding Officer, Adjutant to the Office of Operations, Watch Commander, Sergeant, and Field Training Officer. In addition to this, Jerry has experience in the Baltimore Police Department,
as the Deputy Police Commissioner in Charge of the Professional Standard’s Bureau, as well as Chief of Investigations for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.
For years Jerry consulted and guided municipalities on high profile police-involved incidents as a member of the agency. However,
in retiring as a Law Enforcement Expert in 2021, he has been recruited to work on high-profile and sensitive cases. Jerry is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 234 and holds a master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary College of California, as well as, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
He also has policing experience with the West Coast and East Coast Law Enforcement Agencies and has participated in many investigations throughout his professional career.

Laura Scarry
Laura Scarry is an Attorney and her Firm DeAno and Scarry represents Police Agencies, Supervisors and Officers in Litigation Matters, Including Administrative and Disciplinary Issues. Her practice is primarily in Illinois and Indiana. She has been a presenter at numerous Police Organizational Conferences and Training Seminars. Laura was an active Police Officer for 6 years with the Lake Forest Illinois Police Department.

Joanna Schwartz
Joanna Schwartz is professor at UCLA School of Law. She published this year Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable. She also is co-author of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Ms. Schwartz clerked for a Federal Judge in the Southern District of NY and in the 9th Circuit. She practiced civil law in New York specializing in police misconduct, prisoner rights, and 1st Amendment issues.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
National Internal Affairs
Training and Certification
This 5 day IA Conference is intended for persons who are involved in investigating, adjudicating, overseeing, and auditing Law Enforcement Internal Affairs and Administrative Investigations. Persons involved in law enforcement risk management and human resources will be given insight into these complex and critical investigations. Seasoned veterans, as well as, newly assigned personnel will be able to learn from these presentations.
· Today’s Challenges for Police Internal Affairs
· Sexual Misconduct: What Is It That We Don’t Get?
· Retaliation and the abuse of some of our employees
· Protect your discipline decisions from challenge
· How Routine and Consistent Audits Can Reduce Liability and Employee Disciplinary Issues
· Evaluating Civil Settlements and Jury Verdicts Can Help Reduce Agency Liability
· Use of Force Investigations for Patrol and Corrections
· Understanding Garrity and Giglio and How These Cases can Affect the Agency and Police Employee

The purpose of a Professional Internal Affairs Certification is to demonstrate and guarantees that a person who holds this credential has met the highest standards of Academics, Professional and Ethical standards training.
Certification credentials also speak to a commitment to the Internal Affairs profession and a dedication to ongoing continuing education.
A Professional Internal Affairs Certification is the recognition of individuals who have demonstrated through a standardized assessment that they meet defined qualifications within the Internal Affairs profession.
This process will provide public safety practitioners in Internal Affairs, Professional Standards operations, and Administrative Investigations with a method to obtain the highest standards and recognition in these specialized areas of Public Safety. Internal Affairs operations can measure the quality of an agency’s functions and the public’s vision of the agency.
Internal Affairs Officers must provide a role of professionalism that is impartial and knowledgeable in the newest emerging trends and case law affecting administrative investigations. The manner in which the Internal Affairs operations conduct these functions create an impression to members of the agency and affect the social capital of the public.
There are NO prerequisites for attending the Internal Affairs Certification training or challenging the test for the Professional Internal Affairs Certification at the National Internal Affairs Conference.
Each candidate must attend and successfully pass a Certification Training Course.
Each candidate must complete the Certification Training Course.
• Each candidate must pass a multiple choice examination, which will include significant IA/OPS content covered during the Course.
Each candidate must write a 500-word essay from a list of Internal Affairs subjects provided.
For graduates of the Public Safety Internal Affairs Institute Program (PSIAI) program who would like to maintain current status as a Certified Internal Affairs Investigator/Supervisor, you will be required to attend:
One Internal Affairs training program during the three (3) year validity period.
One five-day Professional Internal Affairs Certification Course .
Certificate of Completion for attending the PSIAI Training Course.
• Certification credential card with your name and certification dates (following successfully completion of the PSIAI test and submission of the 500-word essay).
• Certificate with your special designation of Internal Affairs certified.
Legal update electronic bulletins.
NOTE: It is NOT Required to Challenge the Certification Test to Attend this Training.

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