Seminar Title

5 Day Homicide and Death Investigation

Dates of Events

08/30/2021 through 09/03/2021

Last Updated: 07/29/2021
Instructor(s): Multiple Instructors
Location: Tarrant County Sheriff's Academy - 1500 Circle Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119
Hotel: Hampton Inn - 6555 Park Brook, Forest Hill, TX 76140
Course Registration Fee: $495
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Course Objectives
Course Overview:
5 Day Homicide and Death Investigation

Course Objectives:
This five day training module will provide the attendee with the skills and competency to conduct complete and thorough homicide investigations with prosecutorial merit. Additionally, the attendee will be provided with the skills to recognize and handle other types of death investigations, bringing them to a successful conclusion.
At the beginning of the class a case will be examined through discussion, question and answers, as well as, an evaluation of evidence discovered by student observations. After the discussion the students will evaluate whether the classification of the case should be accidental death, suicide or homicide.
The class will cover three basic steps in all homicide investigations: Crime Scene, Follow-up and Case Courtroom presentation.
This course will provide participants with an in-depth and step-by-step processes handling of high-profile major incidents most affecting communities, including, but not limited to, investigating cases of multiple homicides, crimes of violence against vulnerable populations, unexplained missing children/child abductions and violent rapes/sexual assaults. Included in each section of the presentation will be actual case studies to illustrate the points and practices to emphasize the relevance to successfully resolving cases.
Participants will be provided overviews on applying the latest advancements on genetic genealogy research and DNA phenotyping to successfully resolve long-term and current cases including case studies and discussions on potential future challenges. Additionally, discussions on applying the latest advancements and technologies to assist in conducting thorough and expedient resolutions of investigations, including, data management/analeptics, advanced cell phone analeptics and the complex role of social media.
There will be discussions on the unique issues of responding to and investigating sexually motivated child abduction and the current offender behavior of using social media to entice and lure children and in addition thoughts on unidentified human remains cases, no body prosecutions, family issues and investigator wellness and stress.

Learning Objectives:

Crime Scene Follow-up Case Courtroom Presentation Autoerotic Deaths Non-Vehicular Deaths Suicides Unattended Natural Deaths Death Involving the Use of Force Overview of Violent Crimes and Homicides Ten Steps for Managing a Major Case Investigation Equivocal Deaths Role of Technology Advances in DNA Sexually Motivated Child Abduction/Homicides Investigating Cases of Unidentified Human Remains No Body Homicides Special Search Considerations Victim Issues

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