Seminar Title

NFPA® Educational Requirements for 1033 and Hands-On Electrical Fire/Arson Investigation

Dates of Events

05/17/2021 through 05/21/2021

Last Updated: 04/06/2021
Instructor(s): Steve Riggs
Location: McGee Park-San Juan County - 41 Road 5568, Farmington, NM 87401
Hotel: Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Farmington - 2850 E Main Street, Farmington, NM 87402
Course Registration Fee: $495
Instructor Bio
Steve Riggs, IAAI-CFI, CFEI, CVFI & CFII Certified
State of Oklahoma (Retired)
Steve Riggs retired after twenty-two years of Law Enforcement, and Fire Service Experience in Oklahoma. Steve has been examining fire scenes for 40 years. Steve holds a Bachelors Degree in Emergency Management, and has extensive training in Fire Cause Determination, Criminal Investigation, Arson Investigation, Evidence Processing, Interviewing Techniques, and Case Management. He is a Certified Police and Fire Instructor and a Certified Fire Investigator Instructor. Mr. Riggs has successfully been involved in many Fire/Arson Prosecutions in Oklahoma and was involved in a Federal Prosecution. To date, he has never lost an Arson Case. Steve has authored and co-authored several fire training manuals and written “A Critical Analysis of NFPA 921 User’s Manual 2nd Edition”. Steve lectures nationally to Local, State, Federal Agencies, Insurance Companies, Private, and Military Investigators, Prosecutors, Vehicle Manufacture Represent-atives and their Engineers. Steve is on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Fire Investigators.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
NFPA® Educational Requirements for 1033
Fire investigators have been familiar with NFPA® 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigators for many years. Today, as an investigator, the question must be asked, can I assure the court, opposing counsel, and my agency or company that I meet the requirements of NFPA® 1033, Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator, especially in the area of the post-secondary education requirements.
During this training module, the investigator will be provided with the necessary information to assure he/she meets the requirements of the NFPA® 1033 standard.
During this training module, attendees will receive necessary information to assure compliance for the pertinent requirements, the sixteen (16) post-secondary education requirements as listed in section 1.3.7, an overview of job performance requirements, and proper documentation of training methods to assure compliance when asked to provide documentation.
Upon Successful Completion:
Attendees will have been provided the necessary skills and knowledge to:
• Demonstrate the ability to complete various tasks involving the job performance requirements.
• The documentation to assure other interested parties, the attendee has met the post-secondary education requirements.
• The attendee will be able to demonstrate their documentation pertaining to their received education and training. How to transfer training documentation into his/her CV to assure compliance with the standard.
• Demonstrate how the investigators superiors evaluate, test, or check the investigators compliance with the standard, by those who are qualified and approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
• Demonstrate compliance with the listed ASTM standards referenced in the standard.
• Demonstrate a proper use of the systematic approach and the application of the scientific method.
• A link to download resource information will be supplied to each attendee, including but not limited to, check sheets to ensure compliance with the standard.

Hands- On Electrical Fire / Arson Investigation
This training module will provide the fire/arson investigator with practical and technical skills necessary to investigate and determine electrical origin and cause of a fire.
This training module will provide both classroom and hands-on training with practical exercises on how to use electrical testing equipment and conduct a systematic accurate examination of electrical equipment, appliances, wiring and electrical circuits.
Attendees will be provided the necessary knowledge of electricity, the definition of electricity, how it cause fires, and how to testify in court for successful prosecution, and/or insurance determination.
Upon Successful Completion:
Attendees will have been provided the skills and knowledge to:
• Demonstrate the proper sequence for investigating electrical fires.
• Understand electrical terminology.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of 120/240 volt wiring used in residential and commercial
settings and testing procedures.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of electrical appliances and testing procedures.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of electrical testing equipment, volt ohm meter, and
ampere meter.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of safety devices, controls and failures on appliances.
• Demonstrate the knowledge of how to document an electrical origin.
• Demonstrate knowledge of National Fire Protection Association 921 and National Fire
Protection Association 1033.
• Demonstrate knowledge of how to use the internet to conduct fire/arson investigation
research and obtain electrical equipment/appliance recall information.
• A download resource password will be provided to each attendee to download the
class resources for future reference.

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