Seminar Title

5 Day Crisis/Hostage Negotiator Certification

Dates of Events

05/17/2021 through 05/21/2021

Last Updated: 04/08/2021
Instructor(s): Multiple Instructors
Location: Hammond/Tangipahoa Training Center - 47038 Conrad Anderson Drive, Hammond, LA 70401
Hotel: Holiday Inn - Hammond - 1819 SW Railroad Avenue, Hammond, LA 70403
Course Registration Fee: $525
Instructor Bio
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
LLRMI has developed a certification process to meet the needs of Law Enforcement Crisis/Hostage Negotiators/Teams. The course builds on the concepts, theories, and application of the LLRMI Basic Crisis/Hostage Negotiations Course. Topics will include negotiation with school shooters, sovereign citizens, and psychopaths. Challenging environments will also be discussed such as jail/prison settings. The training is intended to provide the most up-to-date and generally accepted practices in the field of crisis/hostage negotiation.

The certification course will provide comprehensive training in the following areas:
1. Student will be able to list the two most common psychiatric disorders in calls for service

2. Student will be able to discuss the emotional needs of psychiatric disorders.

3. Student will be able to describe the importance of the emotional needs of PTSD as it relates to negotiations.

4. Student will be able to list the basic elements (behaviors) in active listening.

5. Student will be able to discuss the possible value of having a Chaplain as a negotiation team member.

6. Student will be able to discuss the emotional needs of the “Five S’s” and possible negotiation techniques with each of them.

7. Students will learn the unique characteristics of negotiation in the correctional (jail/prison) setting.

8. Students will learn case law and court rulings that relate to and affect Crisis/Hostage negotiations.

9. Students will learn the factors and observations in evaluating and establishing a threat/risk assessment of the incident, charting, and updating the assessment.

10. Role play scenarios where students will work as a team using all concepts learned in the Basic and Certification Courses.

NOTE: To qualify to take the Certification Course, you must have completed a Basic Crisis/Hostage Negotiation course.

This is a Tested Training Class. Each student will be evaluated on their ability to fulfill duties as a member of a negotiation team during role play exercises. A 30-question test-based topics covered in the Basic and Certification courses will be given. A Passing Score of 80% or greater is required to successfully complete the course and advance to the essay portion for certification. Students will become certified after completing the Certification Course AND submitting a 500-word minimum essay on a selected topic from a list provided. Certification is valid for three years.

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