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Preparing for Law Enforcement Leadership and Promotion

Dates of Events

05/06/2019 through 05/06/2019

Last Updated: 05/01/2019
Instructor(s): Ray Farris
Location: Alexandria Police Department - 1000 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria, LA 71301
Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott - 3830 Alexandria Mall Drive, Alexandria, LA 71301
Course Registration Fee: $95
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Course Objectives
Course Overview:
Preparing for Law
Enforcement Leadership
and Promotion

Preparing for Law Enforcement Leadership and Promotion will look at key principles all leaders should strive for as they prepare for promotion and leadership in a law enforcement organization. This presentation will focus primarily on individuals preparing for promotion and individual leaders addressing their motivation for achieving and maintaining a high level of professionalism and leadership skills utilizing ethical decision-making.
Course Objectives:
·  Why Do We Care? - In challenging law enforcement times, why do we care about promotion and stepping into the spotlight even more? A look into the decision to promote and a discussion on success, professionalism and personal motivation is examined.
Students will determine their Desires v. Abilities, Strengths v. Weakness and the differences and what will make the most impact!
· Leadership Defined - This session will cover the definition of leadership, it’s role in a law enforcement organization and a self-assessment of the personal strengths and weakness each of us possess.
· Qualities of Great Leaders - By examining and studying great leaders the overriding qualities and characteristics they exhibit will be reviewed in order to assist the student in developing the habits necessary to evolve and prepare for promotion and leadership.
Students will gain valuable understanding of leadership by examining their leadership style and looking at leadership characteristics in detail to implement in their daily lives. Topics covered will include: goals, responsibility, work ethic, principle, self- discipline, cooperation, improvement, sacrifice, listening skills, competition, honesty, excellence, attitude, morale and legacy.
· Self-Discipline - This session will cover how to prepare for and minimize disruptions in the quest to promote and lead, examining the actions that will cultivate the qualities to lead to success.
Everyone wants to be a winner, but winning takes practice, practice, practice. This block of instruction will give the daily workout plan to be a winning self-disciplined leader.